About NAUTIarts

Are you a water addict?  A beach lover?  Enjoy unique artwork?  Enjoy traveling?  Do your feet feel at home with sand between the toes?  Does the sound of the waves give you peace of mind?  If you answered yes to most, if not all of these questions, you are UNIQUE!  AND you are like me!  My name is Kelly and I created NAUTIarts in St Croix, US Virgin Islands!

NAUTIarts Owner - Support ART in WAVES!  Swimwear, Beach / Boat Gear and Apparel

I am an accountant by career, yet abstract / surrealist artist by heart and I am also an epileptic.  Being diagnosed as an epileptic at a very young age and unfortunately bullied, I NEVER let the power of ignorance take away my strength and ability to move forward.

My first major in college was Commercial Art.  However, a professor informed me I needed to "change" my artwork.  Changing my abstract / surrealist artwork images in my mind was not going to occur.  I truly enjoyed sitting quietly in a room among many other individuals speaking to each other and analyzing their conversations which led me to developing abstract / surrealist artwork.  Therefore, I made the decision to continue artwork as a "hobby" and use the other side of the brain to earn a BBA in Accounting.

While studying accounting at Texas A&M University I noticed a tennis pro, John McEnroe, was searching for "struggling artist with epilepsy" to display their artwork in New York.  Already being informed by a college professor that I needed to "change" my artwork, I strongly felt John would be open, honest and inform me if artwork was not an ability I even owned.  I was shocked to receive a request from John to display two pieces of my artwork in New York.  At this specific moment, I knew I wanted to do something "different"  with artwork, but had NO IDEA what this "different" idea truly was...until I moved to the U.S. Virgin Islands:  Artwork needs to get wet to share with others and freely travel worldwide!  Which led me to create NAUTIarts.

NAUTIarts allows artwork to freely travel worldwide in waves!  NAUTIarts mission is to provide top quality items which can get wet with unique artwork such as, yet not limited to, swimwear, beach gear, apparel and accessories allowing artwork to freely travel worldwide and openly share with many others around the world vs. simply having artwork being limited to a single, dry space highly restricting the number of eyes to enjoy.  Are you an artist?  Someone you know an artist?  Would you enjoy seeing the artwork travel worldwide in waves?  Contact us!

With each individual purchase from NAUTIarts you are not only supporting artists and the distance artwork can freely travel worldwide, you are also supporting epilepsy research!

NAUTIarts loves to see the distance artwork travels worldwide!  Feel free to send us a photo of you along with NAUTIarts product(s) as well as the location the image was taken.  Your image may end up on our website!

Share the love of art, the love of the ocean and the distance artwork can travel with NAUTIarts!